August 12

 Tal Al Za'atar massacre (1976)

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August 12

 Establishment of the Geneva Convention (1949)

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August 27

 Assassination of Abu Ali Mustafa (2001)

Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is assassinated in his office in Ramallah by two missiles fired from an Israeli Apache helicopter.

 Memorial website for Abu Ali Mustafa

August 29

 Assassination of Naji Al Ali (1987)

The most popular and influential Palestinian political cartoonist is shot dead outside his home in London. The assassin is unknown, though the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, is the prime suspect.

 Naji Al-Ali's creation - the Handala character

 Documentary film - Naji Al-Ali, An Artist with Vision

August 31

 Al-Bureij refugee camp massacre (1953)

Newly-created Israeli death squad "Unit 31," led by Ariel Sharon, launches a nocturnal raid on Al-Bureij refugee camp, randomly shooting at homes, slaughtering approximately 50 civilians. More information and links coming soon.