May 11

 Israel admitted to the United Nations (1949)

U.N. General Assembly passes resolution 273, admitting Israel as a member state of the U.N., on the provision that it comply with resolutions 181 and 194 (which 56 years later, it has yet to do).

 U.N. General Assembly Resolution 273 (Admission of Israel)

 U.N. General Assembly Resolution 181 (Partition Plan)

 U.N. General Assembly Resolution 194 (Return of Refugees)

 Statement by Palestinian observer on Israel's failure to comply with conditions of its membership

May 15

 Israel's "Independence Day": Palestinian "Al Nakba" (1948)

Israel's establishment was at the expense of the Palestinian native population, the event is referred to as "Al Nakba," meaning "the Catastrophe." That year saw the mass displacement of more than 700,000 Palestinians from their cities and villages, massacres of civilians, and the razing to the ground of 400 Palestinian villages.

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 Ghada Karmi: The Great Catastrophe

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 50 Years of Displacement