March 1

 Use of landmines outlawed worldwide (1999)

Israel continues to use landmines against the Palestinian population. According to Al-Jazeera, "In 2002, Defense for Children International documented 57 landmine and Unexploded Ordinance casualties, including 13 deaths, 11 of them children; 31 of these casualties occurred in the period during and following Israeli military operations in the Jenin refugee camp in April 2002."

 Humanitarian Demining Efforts in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

 Landmines: Palestine's hidden danger

 International Campaign to Ban Landmines

March 8

 Women's Day (international)

"We believe the tenacity and courage shown by Palestinian women - whether under occupation and apartheid, or in the diaspora - when simply to survive and work for personal and political rights represents successful non-violent resistance, deserves recognition and support." - Diane Langford, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (U.K.)

 Seven U.N. Institutions Concerned with Health and Living Conditions of Palestinian Women

 Palestinian Women and Non-Violence

March 16

 American activist Rachel Corrie killed by Israeli soldier (2003)

Rachel and other human rights activists with the International Solidarity Movement were trying to prevent an Israeli army armored Caterpillar bulldozer from demolishing a Palestinian family's home, when the Israeli soldier ran her over, and backed over her. The Israeli Occupation Forces have claimed it to be "an accident" though all evidence proves that it was purposeful.

 Rachel Corrie's memorial website

 Electronic Intifada: Rachel Corrie - Peace Activist

 The International Solidarity Movement

March 21

 Mother's Day (Palestine)

On Mother's Day, it is a tradition in countries around the world to honor mothers with flowers, gifts, and the endearment of their children. This tradition is no longer the case for Palestinian mothers. To the contrary, instead of receiving flowers in their hands. Palestinian mothers now lay flowers on the gravesites of their children who have not seen a "clear day" of non-violence and lasting peace under an oppressive Israeli occupation.

 Intifadah Images Near East Collection at Yale University - Palestinian Mothers

 Open letter to Laura Bush regarding her lack of sympathy with Palestinian mothers

 Article on Israeli mothers; Palestine Media Watch's alert demanding similar coverage for Palestinian mothers

March 28

 The Beirut Declaration (2002)

Arab states offered complete normalization with Israel.

 Arabs offer Israelis peace plan

 Full text of the Beirut Declaration (aka The Arab Peace Initiative)

 Israel at a Crossroads

March 28

 Land Day (1976)

Land Day commemorates the day nearly three decades ago when Israeli security forces shot and killed six Palestinian civilians during demonstrations and a general strike called by the Palestinian leadership inside Israel to protest against ongoing expropriation of Palestinian land to build new Jewish colonies and expand existing Jewish cities. This has become an annual worldwide protest as long as Israel continues to expropriate Palestinian land.

 Palestinian Land Day

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