aims to keep significant dates of the Palestinian issue alive in the world's mind. Because Palestinian history is replete with human tragedies, many of the dates are commemorations of massacres and assassinations inflicted by the State of Israel. It is important to remind the world community about these atrocities whenever their anniversaries come up. Atrocities that are forgotten, or ignored, will be repeated, as we continue seeing in today's events.

This website is dedicated to the memory of all Palestinians killed in the conflict with Israel, as well as the Palestinians displaced from their homes and their descendants who are languishing in the deplorable conditions of the refugee camps to this very day.

This site is still being developed and will eventually include more information about each anniversary, with links, action alerts, and more. Please subscribe to our "Date-Alert" low-volume mailing list to stay connected with periodic notifications of upcoming dates and information pertaining to these.

You can support our work by purchasing our 2008 calendar "60 Years of Nakba," featuring information and visuals about the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Towards a better tomorrow for the Palestinian people and all oppressed peoples,

For a calendar of current events and activities in Palestine, please be sure to visit This Week in Palestine.